About us  

  Dear visitors,   The philosophy of our company is to provide a wide range of services for all who move brings joy and pleasure: the place you will find preschool children, school-aged youth, adults and seniors. The area is ready to provide professional and technical training facilities for elite athletes as well as sports activities to the general public. The fact that our sport is multifunctional, offering ideal conditions for organizing not only sports, but also cultural and other activities. Area “sTC Púchov” at White Water again changed the face of suburban locations Púchov. The notable landmark is a modern multi-purpose office building, which concentrate bed capacity linked with relaxation, diagnostic and social center of the area. Sports and Tennis Hall completes the outdoor clay courts by multifunctional playground. All this is available to athletes and the public tennis player College. If pride suburban zone area is primarily designed for tennis and the central city zone “government” newly reconstructed sports arena with organizing the most diverse kinds of sports. For our youngest is available to the entire kindergarten to its modern facilities and location allows children to not only see the sports models, but can also play sports with them. When we say that children are at the center of our interest, and private leisure center is the right place to offer active youth. We hope that the STC area becomes home to sporting future Olympians and representatives of our country and at the same time and place, which will search for all the lovers of sport and good fun.